Owning your own plastic water jugs is a very cost-effective way to meet the need of purified water in your home, etc. Whether they’re functional in everyday use or part of your emergency kit, it’s important that your water stay clean; therefore, the container must also be clean. The challenge in cleaning plastic water jugs is that the opening is too narrow to get your hands into. With the proper know-how and materials, cleaning plastic jugs is not difficult.

Things You’ll Need:
1. White vinegar
2. Dish soap
3. Water Source
4. Clean, dry towel

1. Rinse out the container with clean, warm-to-hot water to remove any residue inside.

2. Fill the container ¼ to ½ full of hot, soapy water and add 1 cup of white vinegar.

3. Move the bottle around gently to swish the solution all over the inside of the jug.

4. Empty the jug and rinse several times with warm water, making sure that the water from the jug runs clean with no residual soap.

5. Set the jug upside down on a clean towel to drain any residual moisture.

Purified water as a drinking water source may be stored indefinitely if it is properly stored in a cool dry play in a clean container. Our 5-gallon water jugs are a perfect container for this purpose.

The automatic vending machine will accept both cash and credit cards as valid forms of payment.

The water and ice supplied by our machine goes through a three stage purification process before it reaches you, the customer. First, the water passes through a sediment filter to remove any microscopic particulate matter. This is followed by a carbon filter that eliminates 99% of unpleasant odors and chemicals. Finally, the filtration system utilizes ultraviolet light to guarantee that the highest quality of water is provided to you.

The vending machine is able to provide one gallon of purified water for $1.00 or five gallons for $5.00. The purified water sytem is BYOJ: “Bring Your Own Jug”. In the near future, Price Ice will be selling five gallon jugs for a very affordable price.

A 10 pound bag of freshly-made ice cost just $2.00. You can use the supplied plastic bags, or use your own cooler.

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